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Interwoven: A Community for Creatives

Interwoven is a dedicated quilting group just for you. A private space for those who find joy in exploring new quilting and sewing techniques, are looking for connections, fun challenges, and new quilt patterns. 

Established in 2024

Interwoven was founded with a vision of reaching quilters of all communities. Don't have time to attend a guild? Have you looked for a quilting club near you?Commitments keep you too busy to make quilt friends? Love to share quilt pictures but trying to avoid social media?

Interwoven is for you


I can't wait! ‚Üí

The Magic of Community..


Quilting & Sewing Tutorials

Engage in ongoing learning experiences and make small quilting projects along the way!


Share in a Private Space

Say goodbye to doomscrolling, You'll only find support, inspiration, and kindness in this private community of friends! Join our Quilting group!


Fun Challenges & Giveaways

Exclusive challenges and contests just for you! Seriously, my love language is gifts, I can't wait to shower you with love! (aka fabric!) 

Access to a World of Possibilities

Get ready to elevate your quilting journey.¬† Don't miss out on the excitement ‚Äď be among the first to unlock all¬†quilting fun!

join the community! ‚Üí

Hey there!

I'm Jessica Rose

Your Community Host & Lead Designer

I wish I could go to guild meetings or make tons of quilty friends in life. But it's hard.

I can imagine you might have similar reasons: work, kids, time, mental energy, being introverted, limited resources, fear, the list goes on.. But I've been missing something. 

That zing of magic that comes with new sewing projects, new quilt blocks & new friends. And so..

I created this private community,

Because I know what it feels like to want to share new projects, give updates, show proud moments, ask quick questions and not have anyone to turn to (quilty husband is great at holding quilts but beyond that.. )

Don't let your reasons stop you from making friends or trying new things. Create connections and find joy in your quilting journey, whatever that looks like for you. 

Join us! Create real connections and learn along the way.

I promise to deliver gorgeous patterns, fun tutorials that push you outside your comfort zone, easy and fast quilting projects that make your heart and hands happy. 

I'll can't wait to see you there!

Take me there ‚Üí

‚ÄúCreativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.‚ÄĚ

~ mary lou cook

Every month inside Interwoven, you’ll receive:



Ready to learn? Patterns for 10-12" quilt blocks highlight new and exciting skills. Patterns are detailed and include tips and tricks from the designer. You'll love making these blocks every month! Enter block challenges to win fun prizes!

These sewing patterns are a great way to introduce new sewing skills into your repertoire! They are detailed and come with free templates. You'll get a video overview to prevent any mishaps along the way.

A private and interactive community to share makes, get feedback on questions, and make meaningful friendships that go way beyond surface-level. And it's not hosted on social media! No more death scrolling!

One live session with me every month to learn a fun new project together! Projects are designed for fast, fun makes that make great gifts. Come ready to learn and meet other quilters!

Interwoven Membership Dues




Cancel anytime!

  • An Exclusive Modern Block Pattern/Every Month
  • Access to previous months blocks - a growing library!
  • Bonus Patterns every Quarter
  • Access to a private (not on social media!) curated community of quilters
  • Participation in challenges, swaps, special events and workshops
  • Live Sewing Circle¬†workshops¬†1x/month
  • The chance to win exclusive giveaways from Interwoven and exclusive partners


  • The Ultimate Digital Quilting Planner (40+ pages)
  • ¬†
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Most Popular

  • An¬†Exclusive Modern Quilt Block¬†Pattern/Every Month
  • Access to¬†previous months blocks¬†- a growing library!
  • Bonus Sewing Patterns¬†every¬†month
  • Access to a¬†private¬†(not on social media!) curated community of quilters
  • Participation in challenges, swaps, special events and workshops
  • Live Sewing Circle¬†workshops¬†1x/month
  • The chance to¬†win exclusive¬†giveaways¬†from Interwoven and exclusive partners


  • Saves $$¬†compared to monthly
  • The Ultimate Digital Quilting Planner (40+ pages)
  • VIP Digital Welcome Box of Goodies (including a welcome 1x1 call from Jess of Quiltd Studios)
  • The Ultimate Pack of Digital Quilting Cheat Sheets (8+ pages)
  • 1 Download Code for a¬† Quiltd Studios PDF Quilt Pattern


  • A free T-Shirt of your choice from the Creative Cart Pop up shop! (worth $25.00)¬†
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Within Interwoven, You'll have the opportunity to..


Try New Quilting Skills

tons of fun techniques

Fully Express Yourself

It's time to find yourself.. creatively

Share Your Journey

Share your wins

A Bit of Magic Every Month.. Here's What You Can Expect From Interwoven..

Exclusive Modern Quilt Blocks

Every month you'll get a gorgeous, unique block pattern with specific cutting requirements, step-by-step instructions, and often a video tutorial to show you every step of the way.

Expert Tutorials & Workshops

Access to high-quality instructional videos and workshops led by renowned quilters, focusing on beginner to advanced techniques, modern quilt design principles, and innovative piecing methods.

In 2024, blocks will feature: partial seams, iron-on applique, strip cutting, bias cuts, quarter square triangles, stitch and flip, and so much more!

Interactive Private Community

A vibrant online community where you can connect with fellow quilters, share projects, seek advice, and participate in virtual challenges. 

Personalized Support

Dedicated support from experienced quilters, providing personalized feedback, troubleshooting assistance, and one-on-one guidance to help you overcome challenges and achieve your quilting goals.

Fun Challenges With Prizes

Interwoven features monthly challenges, or themed activities. These activities can provide a sense of purpose and motivation, making the quilting experience more organized and enjoyable.

‚ėÖ¬†Bonus Sewing Projects¬†‚ėÖ

Expect a delightful surprise¬†every month ‚Äď because every quilter deserves a touch of magic! Bonus Projects often feature unique sewing patterns that you can use your quilt blocks with!

join the fun! ‚Üí

I would love to
hear from you, anytime

Seriously though, I'm always here, M-F 8-4pm PST. Email me!

Customer Support & Media Inquiries

[email protected]¬†


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Exclusive designs by Jessica Rose. Contemporary quilt patterns designed with your home in mind.